Car Window Tinting Fort Lauderdale, FL

 Let’s be honest, cars with tinted windows look pretty cool. And in this world that values appearance over most things, this is not a bad feature to have. That aside though, there are many other legitimate reasons to get your car windows tinted. Whatever your is, we just have a single piece of advice for you - pick us to do the installation. Our abilities are unmatched, especially here in Fort Lauderdale.


Reasons to get your car windows tinted

Here’ why you should get your car windows tinted:


It protects your upholstery

Window tint is effective at reducing the sunlight entering your car, a quality that will keep your upholstery from fading and wearing out quickly. This will ensure that your upholstery stays looking new and sleek for as long as possible.


It keeps heat from accumulating in your car

Have you ever left your car in the sun for hours? Then you know how hot it can get as a result. Fortunately, we have the best solution for this - installing a window tint. It keeps heat from getting into your car and heating it up.


It saves you some gas

Since tinted windows reduce heat accumulation in your car, they reduce how much you need to use your AC. As a result, you have more gas to spare and get a lot more mileage from your car.


It promotes good health

If you spend a lot of time on the road, tinting your windows will keep you from excessive exposure to UV rays. This in turn protects you from skin cancer and other health problems.

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How we tint your car windows

Over the years, we have come up with a detailed method of tinting car windows. It involves:


Cleaning the windows

Before we do any tinting, we have to thoroughly clean your car windows. First of all, we remove any stickers and adhesives from the glass. Afterward, we use an automotive window cleaner solution to clean the windows. In case there is any debris left, we remove it with a blade.


Dry the windows

Once the car windows are clean, we use a clean towel to dry them. For maximum efficiency, we wipe against the windows’ seals and edges. Afterward, we leave the window up to dry out any left-over moisture.


Cut out and install the tint

​At this point, we cut out the tint we’re using, measure it out to fit your windows, and install it. All things considered, it is a quick and straightforward process.